The Jungles of Chitters

The town (finally)
Took us long enough :P

This week in joels DND! A black dragon in slain. “music changes”… orca But Gabe appariently didn’t like the music so he gave the orca a “jawbreaker”. A new city appears! We finally arrive at the fishing village of Ogma!. Noah gets thrown in jail, Gabe gets a job, and Nick scams a blacksmith out of 500 gp. After paying to get Noah out of jail he starts a dating sight and Nick gets a mark of justice (if he tries to con anymore civilians for their money he bursts into flames). And astoundingly… John gets a date. but she turns out to be a succubus as he loses levels we all tend to get over to the battle at different rates. A Bunch of big demon things! (which happen to be resistant to everything Noah can do). Fighting occurs, A large Dretch gets mad at Nick, turning him half to stone as he yelled insults at the demon. Meanwhile noah’s resourcefulness kicks in and he “allies” himself with the demons. the demon freezes us all then disappears. The Succubus does as well. We all become mildly better and John, having died is resurrected and becomes a gnome. Finally a short trip to the barbarians guild (and Nick’s mark of justice is removed). At long last the only thing seriously injured is our sanity, but what else is new? We ding level 6 now. :)

The story so far...

We have been sent by our home villiage to get an rtifact, or get help to destroy a monster that is threatening our homeland. We have sailed across the sea and are now inside the town/villiage of Ogma . Where will we go next? You’ll have to wait to find out.


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